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A malleable software solution to paper-based reporting


BOSS Functions & Modules

Essential Safety Measures

The fire and life safety systems and equipment installed in buildings to ensure adequate levels of safety for occupants in the event of a fire or emergency. Certification of these systems are required on an annual basis and can be scheduled and tracked.

Property Risk Assessments

Developed specifically for the management of property Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risk, hazard items are categorized by an automated risk rating with a description, observation, image, and recommendation. Data can be, shared, scheduled for follow-up, or closed out by users, with an inbuilt risk priority escalation process for final signoff.

Emergency Management

Tracking emergency management training from consultation to delivery and record keeping. The online system allows access to all the relevant documentation on your sites, including training attendance registers, training reports, evacuation diagrams, emergency plans, and due dates. You will have an overview of the status of the emergency management coverage within your building.

Height Safety Tracking

Height safety, roof compliance assessments and anchor point certification can be easily managed, scheduled, and tracked through BOSS. Listing faults, rectifications and tracking sign off in one easy to manage dashboard.

Building Operations Helpdesk

Online single point of contact for logging and tracking reactive maintenance calls for sites. Simple prioritisation enables engagement of contractors for maintenance rectification and close out.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Grid

One- three-year calendar maintenance forecast showing proposed tasks, dates, and frequencies. This includes completed maintenance dates with supporting service records.

Contractor & Incident Management

Contractor Management

A platform to engage, manage and log in and out contractors within your site. This includes a site-specific induction process and ensures all contractor licences and registrations are validated prior to accessing your site.

Incident Management

A platform to capture notifications, investigations and reporting of all incidents. Online digital forms are available providing direct access for users to lodge, analyse and action incidents and ensure that remediation is achieved.

Risk Management

Prioritise and store all building risk related items and information on one platform electronically. From third party building reports to directly assessed and imputed risk items, BOSS Risk allows you to manage and track your building risk items.


BOSS Mobile App

Provides a smart device enabled BOSS platform to access contractor site safety, essential safety, property risk and reactive maintenance data. The app also allows the user to log a reactive maintenance call directly into the operations support help desk system.

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