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Case Study


BGIS is a global leader in the provision of facility management, project delivery, energy and sustainability, asset management, workplace advisory, and real estate services. Globally, BGIS manages over 30,000 facilities totalling more than 31.5 million square metres across several markets including Defence, Government, Higher Education, Utilities, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Healthcare and Cloud Enterprise.

BGIS were working with the Department of Justice to resolve building code compliance issues within heritage listed sites. Over 250 sites, the management of each project would take more than one consultant to execute the deliverables within a tight timeline. Each consultant had different reporting processes, terminology and explanations as to what a defect was, how it was impacting the building and what their recommended resolution would be.

BGIS were looking for a solutions platform that would streamline the reporting process by enabling a number of consultants to consolidate their reporting into one platform and produce one report. They engaged BOSS to provide a portfolio and building type compliance dashboard, highlighting where the majority of defects were being identified, all in one place.

BOSS enabled the client to have a single source of truth by managing out each of their tasks through the BOSS platform and completing the recommendations from each consultant. The BOSS platform also enabled BGIS to complete the recommendations from each consultant and close out projects, creating a register of eliminated risks and risks pending action.

BGIS is using this platform ongoingly and is looking to engage BOSS to mitigate other compliance issues taking place within the Department of Justice.

Case Study


Accor shapes the hospitality industry, with worldwide exceptional experiences, they value the quality of innovation and service. Managing over 5200 hotels across 110 countries, Accor’s 260,000 hospitality experts deliver achievement beyond limits.

Accor in the Pacific region were managing incidents through a paper based cross digital system. This style of management was inefficient with double-handling, prevented effective communication and swift escalation, left too much room for error, and did not deliver the quality or data capability that Accor requires.

Already using BOSS for other services, Accor worked alongside BOSS to create a customised incident management portal that would allow for end-to-end incident management, data analysis, quality assurance, categorisation of incidents and efficient communication.

BOSS allowed Accor to manage all incidents in a central location. Notifications and administrative logins allowed for quality control of data, reports were able to be pushed/generated and customised for simple viewing, and corrective actions were digitally assigned to the responsible party to prevent incident reoccurrence.

Case Study


Investa creates, manages and owns high performance places creating opportunities for investors, businesses and communities. Investa operate in Australia’s major business districts. 

Service record retention and online availability for future reference and audits was not available.

FM’s support for knowledge of regulations and efficiency to undertake documentation verification.

Implemented a 3 – 5 year maintenance look ahead

Online and accessible by PM, FM and service providers

Integrated with online compliance sign off

It is now a streamlined end-to-end process, where AESC as a third party, assists INVESTA to ensure their compliance service records are obtained, retained and verified in line with requirements and are available via a cloud-based system.

Case Study

Regis Aged Care

Formed in 1994, Regis is one of Australia’s largest providers of aged care services with expertise and experience in all areas of aged care. Over 6,000 Australians, in all states and the Northern Territory, call Regis home. Regis Aged Care is owned and operated by Regis Healthcare, one of the largest aged care operators in Australia.

In 2020 , clusters of covid cases start to grow across the different aged care facilities and they needed an immediate solution to control the spread of this virus across their facilities

The senior management team at Regis Aged Care acted by declaring that it is mandatory all visitors on site would need to be inoculated and present their vaccination certification on site. Our Contractor Management Systems platform helps Regis Aged Care track those mandatory requirements and permit those that comply with their safety regulations.

As a result of the robustness the platform provides, facility manager had visibility remotely from their office of visitors and contractors on-site and the well-being of the patrons at Regis Aged Care were taken care.

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